Blackwall specialises in the hire and installation of modular temporary walls, display boards and partitions for events, exhibitions, conferences, film and still shoots - anywhere that needs more walls.


Adapt your venue and set up your space to suit the particular needs of your event. Blackwall can be installed in virtually any space. You can divide a large room into smaller spaces, define a setting for a conference presentation or simply create a stylish backdrop for your art show or product display. Combine it with our lighting, picture hangers and other accessories to maximise the impact of your exhibition.
Blackwall’s easy installation and classic look will help make your event seamless and elegant.


Service & staff

Our experienced and friendly delivery team install and remove your set-up to suit your timing needs. Our staff are expert at thinking on their feet and are very adaptable to last minute changes or alterations.
Prior to your event we’re always happy to join you for a no-obligation site visit. It never hurts to get on location and talk through the options and advise on your floor plan. When it comes to building walls, we know what works and we will always go the extra mile on the day.


Speed of assembly

Blackwall is a modular panel system with a unique joining method that can be installed more quickly and discreetly than other panel products. No power tools are used and it’s built vertically so we don’t use valuable floor space to assemble the wall sections. Blackwall is perfect for situations where your set-up, turnaround and de-rig need to be swift.
Our aim is to be barely noticed. Our loading trolleys with rubber wheels get the panels into the venue quickly and quietly.
Blackwall panels are very light and all surfaces are covered in soft fabric so they pose no threat to delicate venue floors.



Our system is based around our standard 2m high by 1m wide panels, but we have a range of smaller panels that allow us to work to almost any wall length.
This combined with our range of corner and junction joiners and the experience of our installation team mean we can invariably find a layout that fits the requirements of every client, venue and event.

works for

Event and Catering screening Art exhibitions and Artefact protection Room Dividers Display stands Backstage areas VIP  areas Cloakrooms Changing Rooms Storage rooms Presentation backdrops Reception areas Screening with baffled access

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Changing room

Pop-up changing room composed of a curtain, mirror, hooks and optional lights.


Chrome and black LED lighting, ideal for art display.


Long mirror with discreet dimmable lighting. Wall hung to save space.

Concertina Screen

Easy to move around as needed.

Picture hanging system

Gallery style steel rod and picture hook. The rod hooks over the top of the panel and the picture hook can be adjusted to any height. Each hook is rated to 40kg.

Fixing triangle

These adapt our standard panel into a lightweight freestanding divider or display board.

Coat hanger

Block of 4 sturdy coat hooks secured at the top of the panel.


Contact Us

Blackwall Barcelona has an extensive list of illustrious and exacting clients, amongst whom we have many long and established relationships. Through attention to detail and our emphasis on giving an individually tailored service, we have become the leading supplier of premium event screening in Spain. Blackwall Barcelona has made a proud contribution to some of the most prestigious events.

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